Bottling lines - Transport system Bottling lines - Satellite cubes
We exhibit!
Transport system with satellite cubes

Transport band:
  • horizontally closed asynchronous transport system;
  • two independent drives with frequency control;
  • free configuration of the route;
  • plastic transportation band;
  • functional conveyor for conveyor for the filling and closing- up of the bottles
  • feeding conveyor for the returning of the empty satellite cubes
Satellite cubes
  • constant size;
  • no re-adjustment is necessary;
  • inner contour for 12 to 18 types of bottles, for two-three shapes at each wall;
  • automatically, semi-automatically or manually setting of the bottles;
  • re-adjustment for shape / volume bottles by turning to the corresponding wall;
  • 80 to 120 pcs. depending on the productivity;
  • long life constant characteristics.