Bottling lines - Operating system Bottling lines - Operating system
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Operating system

control system
  • based on a programmable controller SIEMENS S7 300;
  • ensure the precision and rapid dispensing and filling of liquids, viscosity liquids and foaming products;
  • dynamic system for product flow speed selecting;
  • automatically adjustment system, according to the height and width of the bottles of the:
    • level of holding the neck during dispensing along the Z-axis
    • level of bottles before dispensing (control) along the Z-axis
    • level of pressing (screwing) head along the Z-axis
    • holding during screwing along the X-axis.
  • programs with the laws of motion of the dispensing cylinders:
    • according to the volume of the bottles;
    • according to the type of the products;
    • memorizing of all adjusted parameters for each type of bottle
    • automatically loading of the memorizing programs for each type of bottles and products;
  • coordination between the two servo systems – dispensing cylinders and filling nozzles;
  • controlling of the screw pumps for feeding the material.
  • high-speed two-way data exchange via PROFIBUS for maximum precision of the speeds and linear translations set;
touch screen colour display for data entry;
  • visualizing parameters:
    • height of the holders – for fixing the bottle neck during filling.
    • speed of the dispensing cylinder – constant or variable.
    • dispensed volume.
    • upper point nozzles.
    • lower point nozzles.
    • law of motion of the nozzles
    • motion speed of the nozzles.
    • height of screw-on / press-on heads.
    • distance between holders fixing the bottle during screwing (pressing);
  • visualizing failures and engaged locks of the drive systems