Bottling lines - Filling system
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Filling system

Two feed tanks:
  • dual sealed, with exhaust air pipes;
  • four washing heads through which a delivery pump feeds hot water;
  • Speed open manhole with brackets for manual washing;
  • transparent walls for monitoring of the washing process;
  • external insulation;
  • filling through program operated pneumatic valves with filters;
  • sensors for critical level;
  • suction pumps for the washing process;
Twelve dispensing cylinders with 12 nozzles for filling of up to 12 bottles at the same time:
  • twelve identical dispensing modules with independent servo-drives, controlled by 12 servo-controllers;
  • independent adjustment of every dispensing module;
  • possibility for filling of different products and volume / shape bottle types;
  • automatic control for bottles availability;
  • finally settling and shape correcting of the bottles;
  • no foaming of the product;
  • precise and fast adjustment of the volume over the whole range;
  • conformity to the international standards for the food industry - AISI 316L;
  • temperature-steadily of the seals up to 100°C;
  • conformity to the sanitary requirements
Emergency dosage by reach a critical level